BJD faceup policies

You can see my works on BJD faceups HERE

The delays  
I usually keep a head from 4 to 8 weeks. But it can be longer (however it never happened for the moment) if something I can't control happens. When you send me a head for a particular month usually you will have your head back before the end of the month.

 The faceups
Give me your indications for the faceup when you contact me after reading these policies, before sending me the head. Use my own pictures please to explain what you wish, if I think that your ideas might not match your doll’s head I will see with you what would be more appropriate. I will do my best to satisfy you.

I will never redoo a faceup that already exists. I will get inspired by it only if the inspiration comes by one of my own faceups (from one of my own dolls or if the personn that asked me a faceup didn’t ask for anything special).

I reserve the right to refuse a faceup if the mold does not inspire me or your project is too far from what I usually do.

As I'm against taking money from another personn's work I will not give a makeup to a recast.

If ever you are not satisfied by the first faceup I present you (faceup wich for me has no defects and is what you asked for) I will redo it if adding 50% of the price of a faceup. If the second one is still not what you want I send back the head or you will pay for a new faceup.

If you want a faceup that is not a classic style (with veins, hair, textures...) you will have to pay for an option.

The head

The head that you’re sending to me must be in perfect condition. If it has been modded you’ll have to inform me about it. Modification have to be strong if there is something added to the head (epoxy teeths for example) or very well done (no holes or cuts) if it has been sanded, eye open etc… if this is not the case I will give only one faceup to the head and you will not get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

 The shipping
From you to me

I really hardly recommend against using Chronopost (EMS) service. They decided not to deliver people anymore and to let the parcells at their office (not the post office) that is at 1 hour of car from my home and I don't drive. And if you are out of the Eropean union you will inevitably pay for the customs with this service. I generally contact you very early in the optic of not using this expensive service.

The prices

Prices don’t include taking of the faceups the heads have already so if you don’t do it yourself it will cost you 5€ more. If you take off the faceup yourself please don’t leave any dark colours in the eyes or mouth.

I will not begin a commission without having been paid (commission + shipping back to you).

You have to have the doll in hands in the moments you reserve for the commission.

If you reserve a commission with me you engage yourself to send me the doll. If you don’t send me the doll it’s possible that I will not accept anymore a commission from you.




For any non classic faceup that will need more time (texture, hair, veins...) an extra will be applied: from 5 to 10€ depending on the option, you will have to discuss about it by email.

Faceup removal: 5 €
I don’t pose the eyelashes


From now it's also possible to order a body blushing for dolls of less than 45cm ( MSDsized and less). To blush the body I don't dismantle it to see exactly were it could be frictions, I mainly don't blush some articulations. A body blushing is very fragile, even very well protected. A detailed manucure and a pédicure  will be done with the body blushing.


Dolls from 25 to 45 cm: 50
Dolls of less than 25 cm: 40 €

For any non classic blush that will need more time (texture, hair, veins, freckless...) an extra will be applied: from 10 to 20€ depending on the option, you will have to discuss about it by email.

I use:
- Flat MSC and citadel purity seal
- high quality soft pastels
- acrylic paints
- tamiya varnish