Blythe Spa (en)

I take comissions on Blythe doll for (re)sculpting and makeup, you can see my past works on my Flickr HERE.

The doll (or faceplate if you know how to open the doll) must be sent before the month they are planned for begins, if you are from the US or Australia, Asia etc you must send it at least 2 weeks before the month begins.

My delays are from five weeks to eight weeks but it can be a little longer depending the wether, or other propblems. I make my possible to be quickly but don’t ask me to be too quick I have to feel inspired to do a custom.

Give me your indications for the custom when you contact me after reading these policies, before sending me the Blythe. Use my own pictures please to explain what you wish, if I think that your ideas might not match my possibilities I will see with you what would be more appropriate. I will do my best to satisfy you.

I will never redoo a custom that already exists. I will get inspired by it only if the inspiration comes by one of my own customs (from one of my own dolls or if the personn that asked me a custom didn’t ask for anything special).

I reserve the right to refuse a faceup if your project is too far from what I usually do.

 The shipping
From you to me

I really hardly recommend against using Chronopost (EMS) service. They decided not to deliver people anymore and to let the parcells at their office (not the post office) that is at 1 hour of car from my home and I don't drive. And if you are out of the Eropean union you will inevitably pay for the customs with this service. I generally contact you very early in the optic of not using this expensive service.
The doll that you’re sending to me must be in perfect condition. If it has been modded you’ll have to inform me about it. The modification have to be strong if there is something added to the head (epoxy teeths for example).

I will not begin a commission without having been paid (commission + shipping back to you). There is a posibility to pay in two time: half when the doll arrives and half when finished.

You have to have the doll in hands in the moments you reserve for the commission.

If you reserve a commission with me you engage yourself to send me the doll. If you don’t send me the doll it’s possible that I will not accept anymore a commission from you. This is my main activity so please don’t reserve if you are not sure to send the doll.



This price includes :

- Head opening (I don't saw)
- Sanding of old faceup
- Face sculp (nose, eyes, mouth, chin)
- Gaze correction, boggled eyes, sleepy eyes if wanted)
- New faceup for the face and eyelids
- Eyelash replacement is provided
- Eyechips replacement if provided(as they come to me, I will not add any paint or anything else)
- New unique pullrings

I use:

- Mat MSC
- high quality soft pastels
- acrylic paints
- tamiya varnish